Top 9 Weed T-Shirts That A Marijuana Lover Must Have

Top 9 Weed T-Shirts That A Marijuana Lover Must Have

Weed t-shirts are a fun way for marijuana lovers to express themselves. Show your support for cannabis culture with humorous and creative designs in an array of styles and colors for everyone. Whether you are looking for a bold statement or something subtle, these iconic shirts provide a great way to express yourself. Here are the top weed t-shirts that a marijuana lover must have.

Happy 420 Day T-Shirt


It all started in 1971 when high school students went looking for a hidden treasure: an abandoned cannabis farm. Four-twenty was their time to meet. High Times heard about it and made them famous. The Grateful Dead gave it a nudge, and 4:20 became the time of day to smoke a toke. Then, April 20th became the unofficial weed holiday. And here we are with a stoner tee to celebrate the day!

Like most of our designs, this one can be printed on unisex, youth, women’s, long sleeve, and sweatshirt styles in colors like black, white, Irish green, sport gray, navy, royal blue, and maroon.

Randy Orton Rk-Bro 4:20 T-Shirt


If you love marijuana and you’re into wrestling, here’s WWE’s spoof on Stone Cold’s Austin 3:16. This time it’s a joke about how Randy Orton and Riddle smoke pot. It’s the kind of in-joke that only fans will understand. That makes it perfect for showing your support on the down-low.

It comes in sizes extra small to 3XL. If you’re not sure about the right size, check the image with the size chart and compare measurements. You can even go off an old t-shirt.

Eat Sleep Smoke Weed Repeat T-Shirt


This design isn’t just about making a statement – it celebrates the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of smoking cannabis. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for medical purposes or recreational enjoyment, this stylish t-shirt pays homage to all the moments spent enjoying weed. Take time out for yourself and have some good old-fashioned marijuana therapy.

Good Buds Stick Together Shirt


These literal buds are having a great time together! Celebrate your friendship with your favorite stoner by giving them this quirky t-shirt. Then deliver it with some edibles. And maybe cookies. 

Speaking of delivery, we only print on demand to avoid (getting) waste(d). There is no huge warehouse with shelves full of shirts. We keep our footprint small to go easy on the planet. Then, we ship within 2 working days or sooner.

Marijuana Smiley Face T-Shirt


There’s no need to get out of joint over this T-shirt. Let the weed put a smile on your face and stars in your eyes. We love this happy-go-lucky marijuana shirt

The cheerful design can be printed on either black or white shirts including women’s cut, unisex, long sleeve, and sweatshirt styles.

Lucky for you, we have sales year round. If you want to keep up to date on discounts, sign-up for our newsletter. The link is at the bottom of every product page.

Fuck Cancer with Marijuana T-Shirt


Many celebrities have spoken out about using marijuana for medical reasons. They include Melissa Etheridge who relied on it during chemotherapy. Cannabis can reduce nausea and pain, all the more reason to fight cancer with it.

Our t-shirts are especially soft, comfy, and durable with double-needle stitching where it counts. They even have tear-away labels to protect sensitive skin.

Furthermore, the designs are professionally screen-printed in the USA with long-lasting, fade-resistant ink. If you have any questions about an order, feel free to contact us.

World’s Dopest Dad T-Shirt


Yuh gud? This Rasta dad is the chillest dude around. He’s never going to be uptight over the small stuff of life. And this tee lets you celebrate 420 and Father’s Day all at once. Show your dad you appreciate his laid-back attitude to life. Or if it’s you that’s the most awesome dad, wear this weed shirt with pride. 

By the way, we are flexible, too. We accept both credit cards and PayPal. If you’d like to pay for the order in a different way, simply contact us.

420 A Day Keeps Doctor Away T-Shirt


Featuring a bold, eye-catching design in classic Rastafarian colors, this shirt celebrates the healing benefits of marijuana. It can be printed on black or white short-sleeved or long sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts. Check out the product images to help you decide which color you like best.

If it’s too hard to pick between them, no worries. Fill up your shopping cart with your favorite cannabis T-shirts because we offer free shipping on orders over $100. Plus, every shipment comes with a free tracking number.

Lion Marijuana Leaves T-Shirt


How is the lion connected to marijuana? No, pot isn’t like catnip for the big cats – it’s not safe for them to consume. 

Instead, the lion represents the Messiah in Rastafarian beliefs. The former emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, is believed to be of the line of Judah, the tribe symbolized by a lion. He’s recognized as the Savior by Rastafarians. And of course, Rastas are known for their love of marijuana, or ganja. They smoke it communally in reasoning sessions and share their visions with one another. This kinda puts a new perspective on pot, yeah?

Furthermore, if you’re shy about using weed, this shirt is sly. Unless someone pays attention to the leaves surrounding the lion’s face, they’re not going to understand. It’s a quiet way to celebrate 420 without drawing too much attention to yourself.


Happily, cannabis culture has been steadily gaining support and recognition in society. Cannabis culture has come a long way but is still growing, so get out there and show your support today! Help spread the message that cannabis is more than just a plant—it’s an entire culture worth celebrating. Wearing humorous and creative shirts puts out a powerful message of acceptance and understanding. Whether you want to make a bold statement or say something subtly, these weed-inspired designs are perfect for expressing your individual style.

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