St. Patrick’s Day Gifts: Clothing, Tote Bag & More

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts: Clothing, Tote Bag & More

Who was Saint Patrick and why do we celebrate him in March? The roots of this fun holiday go way back to over 1500 years ago. Patrick wasn’t Irish to begin with. In fact, he was kidnapped from the British Isles as a teen and made a slave in Ireland. He was already a Christian, and his faith became much more important to him through the years. 

He finally escaped but ended up returning to Ireland as a Christian missionary. Patrick allegedly performed miracles like driving all the snakes out of Ireland and raising dozens of people from the dead. One story involves him using the 3-leaved shamrock to teach about the Trinity. When he died on March 17, his legend continued to grow. 

Traditional Symbols of St. Patrick’s Day

At first, it was the color blue associated with Saint Patrick. But now, St. Paddy’s day is all about the “wearing of the green.” After all, it’s the color most associated with Ireland. You can even drink green beer when you join in the feast day festivities.

Besides shamrock beads and leprechaun pins, there are many other amusing St. Patrick’s Day gifts. We hope we help you find fun presents to celebrate with those you love.

The Shamrock

Saint Patrick allegedly used the single-stemmed, three-leaved plant to explain how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one God. This led to the Irish pending shamrock and clover leaves to their clothing and hats for church services on the feast day. Eventually, the shamrock became the Irish national symbol. Now, shamrocks are the best known icon of St. Patrick’s Day.

Full of Shenanigans Shamrock Fried Chicken T-Shirt


Did you know that shamrocks and clovers are different plants? Clovers sometimes have four petals whereas shamrocks only have three. However, they are used interchangeably, especially since a four-leafed clover is considered lucky.

Moreover, if you think that eating corned beef and cabbage is correct on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re right. That’s a traditional meal. But fried chicken is popular, too! Colonel Sanders even came up with a holiday-themed bucket deal.

This fun design can be printed on various colors and styles of shirts. We have unisex, or classic fit, short-sleeved tees as well as tailored fit women’s t-shirts. There are also youth sizes plus long-sleeve and sweatshirts. The sizes range from extra small to 4XL.

Furthermore, you don’t have to print on Irish Green if you want to break with tradition. Instead, we can put the design on maroon, sport gray, black, white, navy, and royal blue shirts. All are made to last with taped necks and shoulders and double-needle sleeve and bottom hems. The sweatshirt is extra soft and cozy with air jet yarn. All the shirts even have tear-away labels for comfort.

St Patrick’s Day Drink Up Fookers Beer T-Shirt


St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to shout “Erin go bragh” (“Ireland forever”) or “Slainte” (“health”) when you’re drinking a toast. Drown the shamrock and don’t forget to salute the saint at the end of the night. Dunk your shamrock into the last class of whiskey to say thanks to the man who got rid of Ireland’s snakes.

Irish You Were Beer T-Shirt


There’s no law against puns on St. Patrick’s Day. Just make sure you’re wearing green so you don’t get pinched! 

What’s the point of wearing green? It’s to keep the leprechauns from seeing you. And when you’re three mugs deep into your green beer, it’s best to have some camouflage.

By the way, did you know that we can print all of these funny designs on tote bags, too? We have natural and black canvas bags that are washable and reusable. They are just the right size for bringing bottles of Guinness back from the store.

Slainte St. Patrick’s Day Tote Bag


Gift the luck o’ the Irish when you give someone a shamrock on a tote bag or a t-shirt. Then, consider this question as you toast to your friends’ health. Why do beer mugs have dimples?

It turns out that the dimples make it easier to hold the mug while they are being washed by hand. And the dimples also strengthen the structure of the glass to prevent breakage.

St. Patrick’s Day Nurse Shirt


If you have friends or family that work in the medical field, you know that they often work holidays. Say thanks to and show your support to your favorite nurse and help them celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all the same. 

Irish Canadian Shamrock T-Shirt


Happy St. Paddy’s Day, eh? People of Irish descent live all over the world. They sure seem proud of their heritage and with good reason. Surprise your favorite Irish Canadian with this t-shirt. Technically speaking, it can do double duty for Canada Day!

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Skeleton Beer and Pizza


Your quirky friends will love this silly shamrock shirt. Who needs leprechauns when you’ve got pizza and beer? 

Incidentally, be careful around leprechauns. They look friendly but they can be tricksters. However, if you see one, maybe you can also find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Kiss Me I’m Irish Leprechaun Fried Chicken T-Shirt


Meanwhile, if you’ve got your eye on a special someone but just haven’t connected yet, we know of something that can help. Have you heard of the Blarney Stone? It’s a rock that makes up the walls of Blarney Castle in Ireland. They say if you can kiss it, you’ll win the gift of charming and persuasive speech.

Speaking of gifts, we offer free shipping on orders over $100. Check out our other St. Patrick’s Day shirts and load up your cart!


It’s time to bring good luck and cheer into the lives of your loved ones. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with holiday-themed clothing. It’s the kind of gift that can bring a smile to their faces year after year. And if you have any questions about our products or your order, just contact us. Our leprechauns will get back to you as soon as possible.

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