Perfect Memorial Day Weekend Outfits You Can Wear All Summer Long

Perfect Memorial Day Weekend Outfits You Can Wear All Summer Long

Memorial Day is a solemn day. Reflections on this day carry respect and awe, and it is also a day of celebration and joy. The founders this day used flowers as a symbol of appreciation, love, and honor. The lifespan of flowers, however, is short-lived, a Memorial Day t-shirt, with a relevant inscription on it can make the day really special.

Since it is a national day to be observed on the last Monday in May, custom t-shirts are a good idea to color parades and religious services observed nationwide. It is important to note that the cost of creating a custom t-shirt falls as the bulk increases. If you want to make custom shirts for your family or group, you will learn more about what to consider before you start.

Top 3 Memorial Day Outfits to Consider

Wherever you go designing a Memorial’s Day outfit, always keep the weather in mind. Remember that a colorful outfit is more likely to compliment the bright weather and mood. The following five outfits are not only convenient for the season, but they convey style:

White Denim

White color is welcome all year round, and is particularly around this time of the year. There are numerous ways of wearing a white denim outfit designed on Memorial Day. These include wearing them with your favorite jacket or with an off shoulder dress and matching neck scarf.  White denim also looks good with trapeze tops and a pair of cool sandals.

Matching Sets

Matching sets offer an unlimited choice of outfit in terms of purpose, style, and color. A matching set is one of the few choices that can take you from the streets to the sand – and back. A unique blend of color makes a matching set awesome.  Two or three colors for your outfit, clogs or sneakers, and headgear are an attractive choice.

Custom-made T-Shirt

A well-designed shirt is on high demand after Memorial Day celebrations. Besides being comfortable, tee shirts can be used to accompany other outfits like shorts, denim pants, or miniskirts. A customized tee shirt remains a faithful companion after Memorial Day.

Why a Custom T-Shirt Is the Perfect Choice on Memorial Day

Memorial Day beckons the arrival of summer. The weather is getting fair with a promise of many hours of sunshine. What is better than a well-crafted shirt on Memorial’s Day? One thing for sure, the shirt will take you through summer and beyond. You might still be having it on Memorial Day of the following year!

A Memorial Day custom shirt is more recognizable than any other outfit. It gives room to express deep values and sentiments. It is a great moment to educate and spread awareness about a particular slogan and cause. The following are more reasons why you should consider customized shirts on Memorial Day:

Making a Lasting Impression

Did you know that visual information is processed approximately 60,000 faster than audio or text information? Unlike text and audio information visual information needs no repetition to become memorable. For example, customized shirts for the whole family, with an iconic image at the front or back, have an enduring impact.

Text on such shirt designs enhance both meaning and quality. The best Memorial Day slogans address the issues of freedom, justice, and bravery. An example of such statements is’ “We Are Free Because They Were Brave.”

Pay Tribute

Customized t-shirts can be used effectively to honor loved ones, especially to a fallen hero who is personally known or beloved. The portrait of the hero is printed preferably at the front, and their name inscribed. Other details like year of birth and year of demise could be included, a few immortal lines can also be printed on it.


A Memorial Day t-shirt can be considered as a cost-efficient investment. Whether made out of cotton or polyester, the production of customized shirts remains inexpensive. The T-shaped blueprint of tee shirts has retained its simplicity over the years.

A Great Socialization Tool

Tee shirts with profound statements on them turn out to be great icebreakers. The impulse to discuss the subject arises naturally, especially during public events. They also instill a bond in a group of people by creating a sense of belonging

Three Important Tips for a Memorial Day T-Shirt

When designing any tee shirt, always keep durability at the top of your list. You do not want to make a shirt on Memorial Day and get rid of it because of shrinkage. As such, always choose the fabric carefully.

The quality of the fabric will determine the quality of the inking process. Never choose a fabric that is too thin if you want a good custom made shirt. The following are factors that determine the quality and value of a shirt:

Shirt and imprint color: You should choose a suitable background to match your image or text. Ink options are key determinants of the overall budget.

Graphic locations: Where on the shirt will the primary image go? How many images or repeated images will the shirt contain? The best placement for the primary design is front center, it may also appear at the back or on the sleeves, of course, with diminished impact.

Know your fonts well: Poor typography equals poor custom shirt. When designing a tee shirt for Memorial’s Day, settle for high-quality lettering styles and fonts to make it visible. Spelling mistakes on shirt imprints automatically make the garment unattractive, even if it was done deliberately.


Making a good shirt for Memorial Day demands time and patience. A single error, however small, can end up disastrously. Ultimately, focus on high-quality. It is better to have a few shirts that carry substance than producing a ton of poorly-designed, low-quality worthless t-shirts.

A good Memorial Day custom t-shirt, at its worst, can be used to perform gardening jobs that are required during summer. A shirt for such an occasion, however, should serve as a memento to be cherished a long time to come.

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