6 Best Gifts for Men – Unique Gift Ideas for Him

Best Gifts for Men

Finding the perfect gift for a guy can be challenging. It doesn’t matter if it’s for his birthday, Father’s Day, or another special occasion; it’s hard to find something that stands out. That’s why we compiled this list of the best gifts for men – unique gift ideas for him. Let us help you find a present that he’ll love!

6 Best Gifts for Men

Unique experiences

A wise man once said that it’s better to collect memories instead of stuff. So let’s start with experiences that he’ll enjoy. Perhaps you can share in some of them and make memories together.

For example, concert tickets are always welcome. Live comedy shows are a hit, too. But if your guy doesn’t get out much, why not sign him up for a Masterclass? He can learn about any topic that interests him from a wide selection including novel writing, painting, programming, acting, photography, and baking.

There are also all sorts of club subscriptions that will send him boxes of samples throughout the year. He can have fun with craft beer, spirits, shaving accessories, exotic foods, and so much more.

Finally, if he always talks about a past experience that he loved, why not bring back the good memories? A concert poster like this might make him smile every day:

Imagine Dragons Mercury Tour Poster


Here’s a perfect gift for a music lover. We selected this band’s tour poster to show you as an example, but we have so many other artists and travel posters in stock. We offer various sizes like 11 x 17 and 24 x 36 inches. All of them are printed on premium stock with vibrant, fade-resistant ink, and are ready to be framed.

Technology to make life better

He probably already has a smartwatch, but what about a temperature control smart mug? It makes sure his coffee or tea is the ideal temperature for drinking.

Then there’s the Oculus Quest Supernatural for an out of this world VR experience exercising at home. It’s like having a personal trainer present in your workout room.

We’re also fans of the smart alarm clock. It begins to brighten the room a few minutes before it’s time to wake up. It can also dim the lights at bedtime. That’s not to mention all the other options like music streaming and the weather report and calendar for the day.

Personal care

Cologne is tricky to pick for other people unless you already know what they love. But he might also enjoy a variety of packs of hair and body solid cleansing bars. They function as both shampoo and body wash and are totally TSA-friendly for travel.

Another idea is to set him up with a personal care basket full of goodies. Provide him with hand cream, beard wash and oil, sunless tanning products, and other fun things to try. There are also subscription shaving accessory clubs that do the hard work of picking products for you.

Don’t rule out a spa experience, either. Spending a day being pampered may make him a changed man.


New pajamas are a common choice, but cozy UGG slippers are even more welcome. He will want to wear them everywhere.

We also found that distinctive footwear like Skinners sock shoes is a big hit. Guys like them for diverse activities like relaxing around the campfire and barefoot running, too.

A luxurious robe might be right up his alley. However, he might be more used to lounging in sweatpants. With that said, how about a comfy t-shirt or sweatshirt with a unique design:

Patriotic Eagle Shirt


There’s nothing like having a fierce American eagle on your chest. This design prints on classic tees, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts. They come in sizes up to 4XL as well as a variety of colors. We have black, white, royal blue, navy, maroon, Irish green, and sport gray.

No Me Jodas Sweatshirt


Here’s the best-looking “No Me Jodas” shirt you’ll ever see! Chances are he’ll wear it all winter long. Not only is it funny, but it’s also really comfortable. It features air jet yarn for extra comfort.

Stuff for the Great Outdoors

If he adores spending time in nature, make sure he has the gear he needs to enjoy it to the maximum. In many places, open campfires are not permitted, so a camping stove is the solution. We saw two unique offerings: the BIOLITE wood-burning camp stove and a miniature concrete fireplace (that can also be used at home). Neither one requires gas.

Then there’s the classic Leatherman multitool or Swiss Army knife. But we also thought the PureVis Self-Cleaning Water Bottle was especially handy for camping and the office.

Lastly, survival kits are all the rage. If you’re going to get one, don’t be chintzy. Get the real deal with Mil-spec or NATO-certified items that are guaranteed to perform when needed.

Sports gear

There’s no doubt that he’ll love new equipment for a favorite sport. But sometimes it’s hard to know the right size of racket or the right brand of golf balls. Instead, help him stop slacking with a smart workout mirror. It’s preloaded with training programs for a complete exercise program at home.

Plus, if he has a favorite sports team, there’s always room for fan gear with logos like this:

Carolina Panthers Logo Tote Bag


This is one of the many sports team tote bags we have on offer. The design can be printed with either white ink on black canvas or black on natural-colored fabric. Our bags are made of a heavyweight material that’s infinitely washable and reusable. Moreover, they are the right size for tailgate party supplies.


We hope we inspired you to find the best gift for that special man in your life. There are all sorts of different presents you can surprise him with, from fun experiences to comfy clothes and practical tech and tools. If you’ve chosen something from Printiment, thank you. We’ll get it printed and shipped within 2 business days or less and send you the tracking number. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or your order.

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