The Best Father’s Day T-Shirts Your Dad Will Actually Want to Wear

The Best Father’s Day T-Shirts Your Dad Will Actually Want to Wear

A smart Father’s Day t-shirt is a worthwhile wardrobe investment. With the recent rise of absent fathers and discontented mums – shirts are a good way to express our fondest memories and sentiments. Finding a good shirt, especially for a Father’s Day present, is a daunting task. There are now many brands in the global market that produce poor quality garments.

Father shirts should remain outstanding in the category of men’s wear. In this post, we’ll go into the details of what makes dad shirts unique. We will also unveil the kind of shirts every man needs to own. These qualities should help you to identify counterfeit shirts and genuine ones.

The Unique Features of a Dad Shirt

An excellent father shirt should separate men from boys. Polo shirts, for example, are versatile and are suitable for many occasions. Here are a few salient features that make dad shirts king in the men wear category.

Well designed tee shirts do not struggle to find matching compliments. The best father shirts accept denim pants, shorts, and at times linen trousers. The color is irrelevant. A well-tailored Henley shirt is still attractive in red, purple, blue, green, olive, or whatever color you prefer. Black shirts are a must-have for men.

Good dad shirts are flexible when it comes to seasons and weather. A lightweight T with long sleeves can accommodate hot or cold weather. Although linen also works well with tee shirts, cotton material should be given first consideration.

Father shirts are clearly distinguished by high quality fabric. A dad shirt never fades – nor does it get old by having loose threads. Because fathers are expected to nurse babies at unexpected times, the texture of a father shirt should be impeccably soft.

When choosing menswear, always remember to consider the aspects of fit. These may include, but are not limited to, the length and width of the shoulders, and neck type. A dad shirt must never be left hanging loosely. From the standpoint of overall length, the hem should end somewhere above the hips.

Choose a neck type that compliments body shape. Athletic individuals look great in tight fits done with a round neck. Skinny men, on the other hand, looked smarter if they wore crew necks or Raglan tee shirts. Fat men need oversized shirts to accommodate the pouch area.

Four Leading Trends in Men’s Tee Shirts

Top tee designers focus on how a shirt will fit regardless of the neck type. A t-shirt can be skin-tight or body conscious in design. Here are four ideas for a Father’s Day shirt that you will actually love:

50-50 Poly-Cotton Short Sleeved T-Shirts

The seams of such tee shirts meet the outermost part of the shoulder. As a man’s work out outfit, this design is popular because it embraces a certain odor-fighting technology. The variations of this style include roomy raglan sleeves, an apparel perfect for outdoor sports. These garments are also designed with a moisture wicking strategy in place.

The Father and Son Matching Design

The multi-colored version of this t-shirt design is astonishing. A complete set comes with a dad shirt and son shirt of the same design, color, and pattern. Some designs have included a perfectly matching compliment, for example, black trousers. Bright colors greatly enhance these tee shirt designs. If the design is simply a plain shirt, a powerful message, done in bright color, can adorn the front or back space.

For some strange reason, many designs come with son shirts suitable for 10-15 year olds. The best father and son matches are designed with a skull cap to match.

Bonding White Tee Shirts

An immaculate tight-fitting, white father tee shirt looks spectacular on any man. Perhaps, it is the notion that men find it harder to keep white clean, when they succeed, the results are tremendous.

A pure white Henley shirt is a fabulous gift for Father’s Day. Choose designs that emphasize comfort and casual elegance. When it comes to tight-fitting shirts, ensure that they are not too tight to affect the regular flow of blood around the chest.

Henley Shirts

Good Henley’s are crafted from the finest material in the textile industry. In fact, elegant Henley tee shirts require very little branding, their stylish nature appeals to men and women of all ages.

The best shirt design in this category usually has a row of 2-5 buttons in the front. Henley’s are also collarless. Besides beauty, the buttons help the shirt to combine function and fashion.


As it stands, polo shirts are officially accepted as formal dress code. They can now be worn with suits and low, leather shoes to give a splendid look. This is why a Father’s Day t-shirt needs precision and skill in the original blueprint.

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