The 5 Best Family T-Shirt Design Ideas – Gift for International Family Day

The 5 Best Family T-Shirt Design Ideas - Gift for International Family Day

Family Day is gaining momentum and popularity because families are disintegrating and becoming smaller. There are still a number of extended families living together though the number of single-parent households is on the increase. It was Ashleigh Brilliant who said, “If you don’t believe in ghosts, you’ve never been to a family reunion.”

A proper schedule of events for Family Day is necessary instead of randomly organized events. Recognize that a family t-shirt can affect the mood in the family reunion. A custom made father shirt or mother shirt with specific names on it is even better. As a matter of fact, a custom shirt can be a requirement – not preference- for attending family gatherings.

The Significance of an International Family Day T-Shirt

A list of absentees is not unusual on Islander Day. It is prudent to make custom made family shirts to accompany invitation letters. The gift of strikingly beautiful family shirts can make a significant difference between people who are unable to meet. The best thing is that a durable family t-shirt will always create fond memories in future.

Custom tee shirts help people to reconnect on Family Day. Imagine a group of family members together with a common surname printed on their tee shirts. The impact is dramatic. You will find people who have not seen each other for decades, Family Reunion Day gives you the chance to appreciate family members and loved ones.

Custom tee shirts for families help to establish friendships and improve relationships. The effect is more profound when they are sent as gifts to distant relatives. Healthy relationships eliminate stress, which is the cause of many illnesses.

Family Day can also serve to pay tribute to a family member. You only have to make a few of these types of shirts – unless you want the event to have a burial mood. Remember that tee shirts are great catalysts to conversations. They tend to set the agenda of particular motions at different times.

Unique Ideas of a Custom Made Family T-Shirt

There are various ways of creating shirts for a family reunion. This flexibility makes family shirts effective tools of communication. This is the moment to pass love and affection to family. In this post, you will learn five ideas that make custom shirts International Family Day to stand out:

The One Family Tee Design

This formula follows a common message, color, and tee shirt type for each family member. The variations of this design may involve a common message and symbol printed on shirts of different colors. Another version of this design is by using shirts of different necklines but maintaining the same color.

The Family Role Design

Designing a father t-shirt with the role FATHER printed on it is a serious matter. A married woman with a Y-necked mother t-shirt speaks volumes to members of a family. Alternatively, you can customize tee shirts and represent different desirable qualities written on them. Such virtues may include, but are not limited to, joy, peace, love, kindness, and resilience.

Such a display and designation of values is a sure catalyst to forming healthy relationships. Apparel for International Family Day should recognize and affirm the importance of families. It is a great opportunity to give them a lovely shirt bearing their favorite colors.

Bound Raglan Design

A Raglan design takes on two separate colors for the sleeves and bodice. For example, black sleeves and a white bodice produce elegant designs. The combination of sky blue sleeves with a white bodice can also produce conspicuously beautiful Tee shirts. Raglan sleeves are best when fitted with a round neck style and long sleeves.

For a Raglan family shirt, the message should be clear, gentle, and modest. A tee shirt for reunion day should avoid hostile and aggressive symbols such as skulls. For a family, one or two color combinations are appropriate.

Affectionate Family Design

A collared V-necked shirt with a 100 % family design and message is a great choice on reunion day. The aim of this design is to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Emphasis on “We” rather than “I”, in the message. Include a picture with more than one person on the design.

The Bizarre Design

The bizarre design expresses something critical or shocking. For example, such a design will have a message against domestic violence or infidelity. This kind of t-shirt might serve as an awareness raising tee shirt, it addresses issues no one is willing to discuss such as child molestation.

The bizarre design can also pay tribute to a family member. This is a special way to honor departed family members. The picture of the member may be printed, making such a design a family relic.

The Best Fabrics for an International Family Day T-Shirt

No matter how superior a shirt design is, the quality of fabric used matters a great deal. A good design is worthless on a shrinking poor quality fabric. Cotton is accepted in tee shirt making worldwide. Cotton provides comfort, softness, and versatility in weather. Cloth manufacturers also like natural cotton because it can be easily woven.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester are considered by those designs after elasticity and impermeability. Polyester material does not shrink easily. When choosing a tee shirt for Family Day, it’s good to keep in mind the printing technique you will use.

Good t-shirts can also be made out of a 50:50 poly-cotton blend. A poly-cotton blend is much cheaper than 100% cotton. Linen material makes lightweight shirts that are convenient in hot weather. You can also choose your material from the varieties of tri-blends, usually of polyester, rayon, and cotton.


The choice of material is an important decision in the t-shirt making industry. If you choose cotton, beware that cotton comes in different grades. Combed cotton undergoes a refinement process that makes it extremely soft, organic cotton is chemical-free, Slub cotton is airy and light making it a fine choice in tee shirt making.

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