Armed Forces Day T-Shirt – Military Fashion Trends for Dads

Armed Forces Day T-Shirt - Military Fashion Trends for Dads11

A declaration by President Truman created one of the most monumental occasions observed annually. In the US, Defense Secretary Louis Johnson read the decree in 1949, and since then, the unification of the armed forces is celebrated during Armed Forces’ Day. The day is marked with pomp and color, and every outfit is fastidiously selected.

There are parade pass outs on this occasion, which is a requirement in military tradition. The day is the precise moment for citizens to show their patriotism and love for their country. The mood is jubilant and you may spot a flame resistant military here or there.

A military t- shirt should be high grade. Many come along with a sleeve tab on long sleeves or a removable epaulet attached to the shoulder line. If the shirt has a buttoned flap, it must be eloquently designed.

Here are some of the factors to consider when scouting around for a shirt Armed Forces’ Day t-shirt:

Features of a Patriotic Shirt

If you want to stand out in military garments, there are several guidelines to give you the best outfit. The basic rule is to go for durable, authentic material. Other factors to consider include:

Relevant color – Military shirts have limited options when it comes to the color scheme. The best shirts range between coyote brown and olive green, and the white camouflage pattern. Avoid high contrast colors for military apparel and patriotic shirts. Red, however, is acceptable and appealing. The best colors for military colors are beige, ice grey, olive, navy, white, and black.

Comfort – Most Armed forces Day tee shirts are designed for long term and multipurpose use. Consider one when going for outdoor camping. The best shirt can serve in work, hospitality, and sports.

Shrinkage – It is a taboo for a military shirt to lose shape. In many cases, Khaki material has produced great military garments that retain athletic comfort all day.

Graphics – Often, good patriotic shirts representing the Armed Forces come without a tag. An Army green shirt with a little black and yellow makes splendid designs. 

Top Picks for Military Shirts

Military clothes should not have unnecessary tears, loose threads, stains, or holes on them. Some of the best patriotic shirts are laced with a Teflon fabric protector that protects the attire from liquids and stains. Choose a shirt that is wrinkle-free and does not fade.

Here are our top picks in military wear this season. Note these designs can be worn at work and or at home, they come with different prices depending on the design and quality.

Distressed US Flag Athletic Fit Tee Shirt

This design has marvelous graphics. A small US flag is printed on either sleeve, the front has the full version of the flag flying in the direction of the wearer. The Athletic Fit design is lightweight and soft. It is made out of a cotton blend that can last for years.

Army Compliant Shirts

This type is commonly done with different variations of brown color. The camouflage pattern compliant army shirt presents an exquisite appearance. One salient advantage with them is that they are unisex and offer a perfect fit. Some compliant shirts are made out of a poly-cotton blend to provide maximum comfort.

However, compliant shirts are mostly sold in sets from half a dozen up. They are also more costly compared to other types of military shirts.

Outdoor Military T-Shirts

Outdoor Army shirts are made out 100% polyester and a crew-neck for proper aeration. The shirt has a refined appearance that flatters an ordinary body.  Raglan sleeve design makes outdoor military shirts suitable for short and tall people.  Velcro patches may be added to augment the design.

Assault Sleeve T-Shirts

This unique father shirt can make a fabulous gift on Armed Forces’ Day. The name is derived from the fact that it is the sleeves that carry military aspects. Smart assault-sleeved designs have the camouflage pattern on them. The pattern may be allowed to run only at the top of the shoulders, leaving the underneath to bear the same color as the bodice.

A well stitched assault-sleeved design bears sturdy sleeves which make the apparel multifunctional and durable. This kind of shirt, however, is unfit for bulky body types.

Flame Resistant Military Shirts

A flame resistant Henley style t-shirt is an imposing design. Although they are FR, these shirts are also extremely comfortable to wear. The best flame resistant father shirt adheres to NFPA2112 standard for FR garments and NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Flame resistant military shirts follow the wicking technology that does not support combustion. Most FR shirts are made from treated soft cotton. This makes them lightweight. DRIFIRE technology prevents the shirts from odors.

Crew-neck Military Shirts

Crew-necks offer an expansive color scheme and more variations in style. Most shirts of this kind are made with visible and latent pockets.  The shirts however are bulky compared to other patriotic-themed tee shirts. 


Getting the right father shirt gift can be a tricky affair. Choose reputable dealers to get authentic, long lasting shirts. Features such as Spandex rib knit collar and cuff, or left chest pocket may be included to enhance a military design. An Armed Forces’ Day t-shirt is a unique and special gift to relatives, friends, and service men and women.

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