About Us

At Printiment, we’re good at two things: Having fun and creating t-shirts and posters! We’re here to help you express yourself through insightful and fun designs. We want you to display them with pride and tell everyone where you got them.

Our name comes from “printed with sentiment” = Printiment! After all, our product artwork is created by enthusiastic, talented artists from all over the world and enjoyed all over the planet now, too.

Once you select the designs you love, the t-shirts and posters are professionally screen printed with high-quality ink right here in the USA. We have an efficient system that ensures gorgeous results with minimal waste. Plus, we have a rapid fulfillment process that ships your order in two business days or less.

We’re proud to partner with Gildan, M&O, and Next Level so you get tees that are made to fit right and feel good. Not only that, but these brands respect the planet by using green technologies and limiting the use of water for clothing manufacture. They are the perfect match for our non-toxic printmaking system.

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We take our business very seriously, and our customers are extremely important to us. That’s why we have a money-back guarantee with easy returns and refunds.

Please use our contact page or email us with questions or concerns.

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We strive to respond as quickly as possible during our regular business hours.


Printiment collaborates with inspired artists worldwide to create trendy, meaningful, and entertaining t-shirts and posters.

No copyright infringement is intended. Printiment seeks to include only original artwork for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes by accepting submissions from artists who declare their work to be unique, therefore the company cannot accept liability for any encroachment on similar designs.